Pleasant Forest Cemetery has a strong history of supporting the memory of all the veterans interred within the grounds. From the Revolutionary War to the present each veteran is honored once a year by the planting of flags on individual graves. However, it was felt that more was needed, and the idea of a permanent flag installation began.  What seemed relatively simple actually was quite complex. It was determined that the flag would be lighted and so the project began. After months of digging, pouring a foundation, choosing the right flag and pole, and then bringing buried electrical lines in....the project was complete!

A volunteer effort was undertaken and the commitment given to this effort was continued into the weeks and months it took from the planning stages to completion.  Honoring the veterans with their own hard work was far more rewarding than hiring teams of workers to do this task. Pleasant Forest Cemetery will ensure all veterans will be remembered with dignity and continue to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the individual graves.

It all starts the old-fashioned way....digging a hole.

Wind plays a great role in the need for a strong foundation.

This project involved the tireless efforts of everyone coming together to create a strong and lasting symbol that will honor the many veterans interred within the grounds of Pleasant Forest Cemetery. The countless hours of labor were considered a way to continue honoring our many veterans.



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